The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum Poster

This poster was created as part of a set for the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum. what makes This piece interesting is not only did we design posters, but translated their serif typeface (the only computer ready typeface they had) and made a sanserif typeface for them to use as well. In the piece you will notice Butterflies and Elephants. This is because their word La Ma Ma means both.

Buddha Dream Poster

A project like this is why I love being versed in multiple things. Using multiple programs (my little secret) to edit google algorithms and using the adobe suite things like this come into existence.

Zombie Tiesto Poster

A commissioned piece done for a gentleman, this project was a bit of a curve ball. The design was interesting in it of itself, but he requested as much ultraviolet activeness as possible while still only using a CMYK printer. After multiple test sheets I printed him the full 24×36 and he was more than pleased with the result.

Head Hunterz Show Poster

This was a sample poster made for a designer project. Vanish Nightclub is a created logo for the project as well.

Legend of Zelda Poster

A fun side project, this is a poster of the map from The Legend of Zelda done in the style of the Lord of the Rings maps.  It is always fun combining interests in a project.